Where They Were "Demo Reel"

Where They Were was founded by two Philadelphia-based creatives, Nick Centore and Steve Garfinkel.

This video encompasses the last 6 years of our lives. It features footage from our individual creative and professional endeavors, as well as official Where They Were productions.

Our journey from two independent creatives to our current collaborative efforts under the Where They Were name would not be possible if not for the help and support we have received from the following individuals along the way:

AJ Kinney: Additional Photography

Alyssa Anderson: Production Assistant, Behind the Scenes 

Andrew Blackstein: Field Producer 

Andrew Hutchins: Additional Photography 

Anne McLaughlin: Line Producer 

Ari Miller: Cinematographer, Camera Op

Austin McMahon: Animation & VFX

Bridgitte Gleason: Post-Production Assistant, Production Assistant, Camera Op, Behind the Scenes 

Caitlyn Kennedy: Production Assistant

Chelsea Mealo: Camera Op

Chris Gentile: Production & Lighting 

Clyde Bessey: Moving Camera Operator, Cinematographer

Colin Webb: Camera Op

Conor Craig: Camera Op 

Conor Gray: Camera Op

Dan Ladue: Cinematographer, Camera Op 

Dan Sozanski: Additional Photography 

Daniel Isayeff: Aerial Photography 

Drew Mercandante: Production & Lighting 

Ed Newton: Additional Footage

Gabby Barbieri: Office Assistant 

Garrity Powers: Camera Op

Geremiah Edness (Halftime Huey): Camera Op

Greg Fry: Assistant Camera, Production Assistant 

Griffin DiStefano: On-Site Editor, Editor, Camera Op

Hivemind Films: Gear Rental, Production Assistance, Overall awesome people

Jake Katznelson: Camera Op, DIT

Jay Blakesberg: Additional Photography 

Jeremiah Kane: Additional Footage 

Jesse Faatz: Aerial Photography, Additional Photography 

Jim Calvarese: Audio Technician

Joe Beblavy: Animation & VFX

John Egan: Camera Op

Josh Soldiers: DIT, Animation & VFX

Justin Swan: Camera Op

Katy Ruggiero: On-Site Audio, Audio Engineering 

Keenan O’Connell: Production & Lighting 

Lindsay Curtis: Production Assistant, Field Producer 

Lukas Huber: Production Asssistant 

Matt Henry: Aerial Photography, On-Site Editor, Camera Op

Matthew Sweder: Onsite Designer 

Mitch Nasser: Additional Photogaphy 

Nick Centore: Director, Lead Editor, Animation & VFX, Producer 

Riley Loula: Camera Op, On-Site Editor

Robert Baker, “Computa”: Audio Engineering 

Ryan Halbe: Cinematographer, Camera Op 

Ryan Lester: Hyperlapse Specialist 

Ryan O’Connor, “Slowcon”: DIT, Field Producer 

Sam Silksworth: Additional Footage 

Sarah Naji: Production Assistant 

Sasha Charoensub: Camera Op 

Skylar Watkins: Worlds Greatest Intern, Post-Production Assistant, Production Assistant, Camera Op

Steve Garfinkel: Director, Director of Photography, Producer, Editor 

Tamara Lashay: Behind the Scenes, Production Assistant 

Taylor Brown: Camera Op

Thomalas Bahamalas: Runner, Good Vibes 

Ty Barch: Camera Op

Vin Angiolillo: Field Producer