The MET Philadelphia

Everyone loves a good comeback story, and boy, did the Philadelphia Metropolitan Opera house have a good comeback. But how do you tell the story of a building like The MET?

A building that while steeped in history, was also seemingly left for dead, falling into a state of despair far from its glory days as Oscar Hammerstein's Opera playground. A building that survived two fires, faced the wrecking ball, yet found a way to weather the storm.

And a building that, thanks to a $55 million renovation, would soon become the best concert venue in the city of Philadelphia.

Over the last 2.5 years, Where They Were created numerous pieces of content in partnership with Live Nation and developer Eric Blumenfeld to help tell the story and build the MET brand.

Venue Announcement Video

In May 2018, it was finally time for the MET brand to go public. We worked with Live Nation to create a video to introduce the venue to the city of Philadelphia. Where They Were wrote the script, filmed, and edited this venue profile video.

Initial Show Series Reveal

After 2.5 years of renovations, it was finally time to announce the first run of shows that would take place at The MET. Where They Were edited and produced the initial show series reveal video, a piece of content that helped establish the MET as Philadelphia's premiere concert venue.

Venue Profile Video

Following the grand opening of the MET, Where They Were put together a venue profile video featuring before / after shots of the revitalization efforts at The MET as well as footage from the initial series of shows. Where They Were filmed and edited this video.