Our goal is simple. We want to help Philadelphia. 

In this time of uncertainty, we want to lend a hand to any Philadelphia based small business, organization, or community leader by offering them our services free of charge.

By providing these services, our hope is that we can help other small businesses continue to operate and communicate effectively with their customers.


As this is an extremely fluid situation, there is not a blanket answer here. Some examples of businesses that would qualify include:

  • Restaurants, with a preference towards those independently owned and operated (no chains, sorry Applebee’s)
  • Independently owned brick and mortar retail stores
  • Any business that has stepped up to help raise money for their employees that are out of work
  • Any business that has raised money for hospital workers and/or COVID-19 related industries

NOTE: Due to social distancing restrictions, filming new content on site is not an easy thing to do. It might also technically be illegal. We will do our best to leverage existing content as well as focus on content we can create remotely. Basically, we will work with what we got, which means we might need to get creative, but we wouldn’t offer to help if we didn’t think it was feasible.


Great question!

Our mission is to help small businesses connect and communicate effectively with their customers through the use of visual marketing materials. 

However, since every business has been impacted differently by this situation, there really is not a one size fits all answer here. And maybe we can’t help you.

The only real way for us to answer that is by reaching out and explaining your current situation. 


The rules are constantly changing as to who can remain open and in what capacity. Are your customers confused? Probably. Maybe we could make a video that…

  • Lets your clients know you are still open
  • Lets your clients know how they can order (i.e. delivery services, etc)

Brick and Mortar:

Have you shifted to online sales? Maybe we could…

  • Help you get the word out
  • Let your clients know how they can continue to support your business


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